Friday, September 12, 2008

Young and inlove ( Patrick and Gel 08.30.08)

Preps: Bellevue Hotel
Church: Notre Dame Chapel, Fernbrook Gardens
Reception: Byzantine 2 Fernbrook Gardens

What makes a relationship work? Age? Money? As the answers to these may also be yes, couples would also agree that there is more to make it work than the abovementioned factors. Effort, time, communication, constant friendship..... the list would go on.

When I met Patrick and Gel last year, all the while I said to myself " Mukhang bata pa :)". Baby face kasi.

Gel has this girly smile on her face and whenever Patrick teases her, they would both giggle. Their crowd is a very young one as well. You would actually think her parents were her siblings. :) The two were gifted to have very supportive families. The wedding was entirely fabulous, fun and lovely. The thing that lingered in my memory? Having hosted the event and seen a couple married for 54 years, with Patrick and Gel on a hindsight, it surely is a lifetime bliss in the making for the newlyweds.
This is my favorite shot from David for the day. It looked so serene, so sacred.
Gel does not have too much of paraphernalia. But what she has is definitely elegant.
The flowers were in full bloom, done by Beth Amat of Eve and Company
Gel's JC Buendia gown looked absolutely gorgeous on her.
What makes a great party? Booze, great music, company of good friends. :)

To make their reception more persolized, the couple printed their prenuptial photos edited with table numbers that were put on top of each table. They also provided one time use cameras for the guest to document memories
A soon to be groom is still focused on what he does best.... onsite.
Watch PAtrick and Gel's onsite here courtesy of Phoeben Teocson


Kevin Davis said...

Love the blog.

gen said...

waaahhh ang panget naman ni bim dito =) haha.. tawa kami ng tawa!

Just Like Ours said...

Gen, Oks lang yun. Sushal naman if gwapo gwapuhan habang kumukuha. Parang di nagtratrabaho hahaha. :)