Saturday, July 11, 2009

When a DOG gets in the middle

The wedding of Ryan Macam and Carol Quiroga

July 9, 2009 Preps: Makati Shangrila
Church: Santuario De San Antonio
Reception: Blue Leaf, Banyan Pavillon

GOD is so powerful that He definitely can turn things arounds if He desires to. There may be times that He'll use his humor to make things lighter and easier. He can mediate and give an opportunity for an individual called for marriage to find his perfect match.

In the case of Ryan and Carol, He used a DOG ( way of turning things around right?)

They accidentally bumped unto each other in a famous Thai restaurant in Dapitan ( been a very known hangout of Thomasians ). Carol decided to dine in Sr cuisine with her dog Pam. Ryan, who during that time works for Nextel in Espana happened to be in the same place. After buying a pcak of cigar, Ryan got in the restaurant and found a dog. He played with Pam and that's when Carol found him. Might be love at first sight but Ryan was able to make up a story that he also has a dog and he does stud service. Carol that time was looking for one for Pam. They exchanged numbers and the rest was history.

What's so funny about it?

Ryan did not have a dog :). On the first visit to Carol's house, he brought a cake. Next visit, he brought a dog ( which was not even his ).

And funnier? They got together in 2005. But the first kiss happened in 2003.

Ryan was smart and fast huh. But God was even smarter. They both did not realize that God was cooking things up for them. Several years after, without the dog ( since Santuario would not allow dogs to be part of the entourage :) ), they tied the knot.

On to their wedding. Just like any other couple, they prayed hard for a good weather. Ryan even went to Sta Clara to pray for about 20 minutes. His exact prayers were " Please Lord, kahit umulan na lang after ng cocktails". The rain poured hard...... immediately after cocktails :)

Here's a glimpse of that beautiful wedding

The bridal gown and shoes of Carol together with the rest of the bridal entourage ensemble were designed by her very good friend Eddie Badeo. Eddie even took the extra effort to gift Carol the assistance of the famous fashion Director Raymond Villanueva who helped with the aesthetics and ensured that her bridal walk would have the drama that she deserves. Both the arrhae and the cord were choices of the couple. They asked a friend to have them plated and personalised for the wedding.
The bouquets arrived on time as expected and they were beautiful. April and Karen Yu did a great job on them. Here, Carol was able to open up the cover of her bridal bouquet with much surprize. It is always great to remind the brides not to forget breakfast on your wedding day. You may have it serviced to your room instead and take your time until your make up startsSound salad did a great job with the couple's repertoire. Here's a shot of their pianist during the ceremonies at Santuario.
The red jaguar bridal car became a fashion statement during the photoshoot.
When you are with the team of Mangored and Phoeben Teocson on your wedding day, you should be up for a marvelous documentary.
A photo at Mckinley hills. We just learned that day that you will have to secure a permit before having a photoshoot there. We never had one and we had to do it fast.How I wish I could give justice to Kaye Cunanan's set-up. It was simply awesome. The ambiant lighting oif sensistivity was also perfect.This is their huge cake. Simple, geometric and accented with flowers
A message tree made of wrought iron was placed in the cocktail area.A photograph taken by Pose and Print photobooth was the guests souvenir for the eventThe couple having fun on the shoe game :)The married couples had the time of their lives with the Roman Hands russian fingers game.What a better way to end this blog than to show that certain "look of love". No amount of external beauty can even match that certain lingering feeling. And the dog Pam? .... She will always be their first baby.
Here's their same day edit done by Phoeben Teocson. Impeccable. :)

Monday, July 06, 2009

Match Made in Heaven

The wedding of Jong and Monique
July 2, 2009
Seawind Resort, Boracay
Jong and Monique are two very good friends from the wedding industry. The moment Jong texted whether we could attend his wedding in Boracay, we never thought twice. This event is just too blessed to be missed.
True enough, God has been very faithful to His promise. After a llllooooonnnnnggg wait, in the island of Boracay one sunny July afternoon, they exchanged their wedding vows.

I remembered asking Jong during the opening of the makeup studio, " What if it rains?" He then answered " It's ok, God will give me the wedding that I deserve. If it rains well then I deserve it" " We do not want a perfect wedding anyway".

But that fine day, perfect could not even be enough to describe it. It was heavenly. :) Their love for God and each other were seen during the details of the entire event. No wonder, He made sure that the couple will cherish the day they finally vowed to continuously make Him the center of their relationship.
Here are some photos taken by David of the said event.
At 430 PM, the sun is still up. Bright and shiny ( the way everyone prayed for) The reception area was still bare as the ceremony is just about to start
The team of Imagenation ( which Jong spearheads ) while preparing for the actual ceremony. The guests didn't mind the heat as they wait for the newlyweds.
This is it for Jong :) He even cracked a joke during his walk but went on teary eyed the momenet his bride walked in. His suit done by Veluz made him the ultimate groom :)
He was then followed by his very cute son. If there is someone else who totally stole the limelight from Jong, it would be this very smart yet cute kid. Very well applauded. His parents must really be proud. :)
Jong and Monique's daughter carried a really dainty flower bag as she walked.
Jayson, one of Imagenation's premier photographers, was one of entourage. He also got married in Boracay 2 days after Jong's.
The lovely prelude dance made praising God a lot more fun.
Monique looked very ethereal in her Cecilio Abad gown. Madge and her team from the make up studio made her natural beauty stand out. I even told David, no one can ever pull off that look better than Monique. More than that, she looked at peace, composed, yet very very happy.
The cameras clicked non-stopped during the bridal walk.
The couple had a very meaningful exchange of vows with Jong saying that he will lead their family to a Christ centered life and Monique promising to be of service to Jong, their family and God.
After the vows, God blessed them with another surprize. Just how many times would you ever see a rainbow on an actual wedding? :) The entourage prepared with the couple for the wedding. The lilac and silver ensemble done by Cecilio Abad was beautifully executed. The whole entourage performed a great dance number in the reception program which opened up the party.
It's also great to see familiar faces. Former clients Anna and Jem, with their first son. :) They happen to be part of Monique's D group.
This is what makes Boracay weddings unique. Kids can still be kids. In suit or in gowns.
Now this, is simply beautiful.

Some shots with Veluz, Cecilio Abad and the other Cecilio Angels, Christine and Jesy. He did our dresses for the said event.
Wedding suppliers group. I was totally drowned with the crowd. Andami namin. :) So happy to become guests- it seldom happens believe me.
This is how the reception looked at night
Even the buffet stations were beautifully arranged
And this.... is the wedding cake with worth. The topper signifies Jong and Monique's love of God and each other.