Friday, September 12, 2008

50's love affair ( Raymond and Genevieve 09.06.08)

Preps: Vivere Suites
Ceremony: St James the Great
Reception: The Palms Country Club

Choosing a 50's theme is a bit risky. But the risk is worth taking when you already had in mind how to pull it off. Cheng and Gieves were two very hands on bride and groom. From bold colors, artistic shots, actual 50's hairstyle and gown, classic breakfast at tiffany's film clip at the reception to the beautiful first dance. I must say they pulled it off perfectly :)
This Breakfast at Tiffany's DVD ( aside from the photo of Aubrey Hepburn as an inspiration for the bride's hairstyle) was played (muted) during the actual reception while guests were settling down on their respective tables. The guests suddenly had a feel of nostalgia.
Ogie perfecting the hair of Gieves. First time I met her, her hair was way too short. she was fortunate to had it grown for the wedding. Ogie's styling waqs of course, superb as ever. ( Not to mention the Php1,500 vanilla scented hairspray :p)
These two played an important role during the reception. Tequila shots were given to single female friends while the Bacardi 151 was given to the male friends- the rest is history :)
Cheng was the man of the hour early in the morning as the team from Redfox had him pose for great portraits at the lobby of Vivere
Godfather Actors???
The ladies enjoying a group shot with the bride outside St James
Taken at the St james courtyard. The bridal gown of Gieves was absolutely vintage. Only a bride with class can carry that :)
Rommel and his groom Cheng:) For those asking, Rommel is the groom's ultimate companion during the actual event. ( Rowell Santiago and John Regala :P)
Gieves with me and two very good friends Missy and Nina relaxing at the boardroom

Oh we just want to showcase this photosignage done by Redfox. This was a prenup photo of the couple. Very 50's :) Wish I had a photo of their guestbook.

Craving for more? Watch their onsite video by Phoeben Teocson here


gieves said...

hey tita queen, tito david (hehehe) and to the rest of the team!

thanks for writing about our wedding :) grabe, up to now, everyone's still talking about it, hahaha!

anyway, thanks so much for being there with us on that day. it wouldn't have been such a success without you guys.

take care and see you around!

Just Like Ours said...

hi gieves,
thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

question...bakit tito and we look that old? haha.

queen told me that you're asking for my pix...don't expect too much ha...sobrang konti lang ng kuha ko since i'm just taking shots whenever i'm available - pam-blog lang talaga. i'll give you a copy.

PS: how's the bacardi? tumba ba? :-)

-david (ni queen)

gieves said...


actually, (like i told tita queen last night hehe) i call everyone that, pero shy pa ako before hahahahaha! now feeling comfortable na ako, hehe :)

re the pics, it's super ok! :) you might have some pics that our photog wasn't able to get. question, would you happen to have pics of all our bouquets? regardless, penge na ren copy hahahaha!

on the bacardi, naku you guys should've come to the after party! pati yun success, hahaha! super successful to the point that the hotel called us 4 times to tone it down :-/ anyway, will make kwento in a more "private medium" what happened that night :-/

take care!

ps: hi to tita jackie (spell check?) and tito jun! hahahaha!