Thursday, July 24, 2008

Metro Weddings

It is always flattering to receive thank you messages from couples after every event. That gesture completes our tiring day ( and night ) :)

But I have to admit, to be featured as one of the Best Coordinators and most reliable in town is totally overwhelming.

To everyone who believed in us over the years, our sincerest thanks. Same goes for Metro Weddings, more power to you guys!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

How Low Can You Go? " A Wedding Planners' Challenge"

The second part of an article entitled " How Low Can You Go? A Wedding Planners' Challenge" was published at the Manila Bulletin today. We are very much honored to be invited to this particular challenge. Originally, Benz ( of W@W) challenged us to prepare a 200k budget for 200 guests way back 2006. Now, she gave us a freehand on choosing an initimate wedding of 100 guests, budgeted yet decent for our taste. I have been an ultimate believer of church weddings. Aside from moral responsibility, I have always thought that any couple can still have a nice, intimate wedding that is low cost yet memorable.

Closer look at the budget challenge

Aside from the option published at the local newspaper, couples on limited budget may also do the following:

1. Choose a nice intimate small church. Choose a nice time ( late afternoon or early evening)

2. Invite a small number of guest - people really close to you, those whom you want to spend the most memorable day of your life with. Those who will really care.

3. Limit your entourage. Why not have the maid of honor and bestman act as the principal witnesses as well? In that way, you may limit the number of attire to be done as well.

4. At the reception have a dinner dance party instead of the traditional wedding reception. Invest on good entertainment. When guests arrive, let a band entertain them. Roam around and talk to your guests during dinner.

5. Dance all night long. Maybe some of your friends or family members can say their messages of love at any given time in the reception.

It is a little laid back, casual affair but a moment with dear people can make any simple event extravangantly vivid in your memory.

As the old saying goes " There is no such a thing as great things, only small things with great Love"

At the end of the day you'll realize you already knew what love is. :)

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Allan, Ria & Frank

I am writing this for David.

While we were hearing mass last Sunday, the priest started his homily asking " Where have you met the Lord lately?" David's answer? June 22 during Allan and Ria's wedding.

Not that he has not been with the Lord but that day for some obvious reasons, he's pretty sure He's just there. :)
Everyone was awakened by a signal 3 typhoon that hit Manila early Sunday morning. I woke up David to turn off power outlets as a massive power interruption occured. It was 3 in the morning and we have just slept. We then decided to prepare early and leave the condo at 6. Our calltime is at 9 but the sigurista side of us made us decide to leave early to check the road and traffic situation. The whole city was flooded and since the reception/hotel is at Edsa Shangrila and the church is at San Sebastian, given the distance, we have to check for possible contingencies.
A view from the window. Wiindy and Rainy

EDSA at 6 AM
Let's divert a little and talk about the main guys, Ria and Allan. The couple has been under a lot of stress days before the actual event. The ballooning guestlist, then Allan has to be operated for gallstones Thursday week of the wedding. We were all concerned about him walking at San Sebastian's long aisle. And then came Frank. Surprisingly, they have been both very calm during the day. Come what may. :)

Ria, having her nails done at the suite

At 10 AM, it was business as usual
The brunch was from Rufo's who came in on time :)
Going back to meeting the Lord. I called San Sebastian at 10 am to confirm the availability of a generator. They said it works perfectly in fact, they are using it at that very moment. The couple reserved 2 hours for the wedding slot. 2-4pm to be exact. David left early for the church to check on routes. Only to find out that it really is super flooded. And he had to find a safer route as the bride will be riding a vintage Jaguar MarkV as her bridal car. But Charlie, the owner assured me that if we give him a less flooded route, everyhting will be fine. They arrived at the church perfectly safe.
Jaguar Mark V amidst the storm

Even umbrellas have a place in the church
Then I got a call from David reporting that the main generator just broke down. In ten years, this is the first time it did!!! There is a limited power source as of this moment. Then we decided to take the call- allot a certain duration until it get's fixed then start whether or not it is fixed yet after that time ( as the church agreed to adjust the community mass as well). It is impossible to get a generator supplier at this time since transport would take time and besides, given the weather, we're pretty sure generators are all out.
Ria and Allan's lomographer friends were there to cover the event as well.
After an hour, with a backup generator that can only support the church's sound system, David, together with the church coordinator, decided to start the ceremony. With or without electricity, the wedding must go on. The entourage used the lights from Jason Magbanua and David provided the priest a candle that he can use to read the misalette.

Then came the MIRACLE. When the bride was about to walk, ( we still had the closed door entance), the door opened, the bride fixed her bouquet as instructed, took a deep breath, raised her head and look directly to the aisle. With the voices of 92 AD humming the bridal song, Her veil swept by the wind, she took her first step and then...... all chandeliers opened ( like that of a movie ). Then everyone cried with applause. All the while people thought it was part of the effect. That it was directed. Little did they know, it was Meralco light. And David met the Lord at that very moment.
Shortly before the bridal walk, Ria approved of having her gown get a little wet just to have a great and romantic entrance

He was ecstatic when he called me. You see, God works in wondrous ways. Most of the times, He tells us to slow down and leave it all up to Him. Those who believe will see the difference of what beauty and perfection is all about.

The whole wedding went well. Jason was super early as well and his onsite as always was superb. The team from Mangored were still super cool, you would not notice there was a storm outside, the ballroom was transformed into an English garden by Henry Pascual. Missy Litao provided a very lively program. All suppliers delivered as expected or even far more.
That huge beautiful cake. Very intricate details

92 AD entertained the guests during dinner
The guests were treated to a sumptuous feast, comfortable atmosphere, lively enetertainment, personalised giveaways and lots of fun.

And the couple? They look so good together, not even a storm can compete with their love. It was indeed a beautiful event. I guess everyone met the Lord as well. :)