Thursday, May 28, 2009

What is Love?

Wedding of Manny and Tonel
March 12, 2009

Preps: Fraser Place
Church: Santuario De San Antonio
Reception: Blue Leaf Silk Pavillon
The title became the main focus for Manny and Tonel's Onsite Video Presentation. It was the focus of the whole event as well. The moment you step in the four bedroom suite at Fraser, you would feel that love is in the air yet a certain mystery still lingers.

Maybe because Tonel and Manny are both pleasant people to begin with. When I first met Tonel, she has a certain aura same as that of an innocent child. She giggled on simple laughable stories, she blushed everytime she mentioned Manny. One would realize that if all doctors are like her, every patient would be cured the moment she speaks :)

She had a dream wedding in mind. She wanted it flawless, awesome and unforgettable. She got the wedding that she deserved that day of March 12. And I guess suppliers would agree, that they are a very considerate and generous couple. They actually made sure that all suppliers were treated well, fed well and relaxed. ( It is seldom that you find a couple treat their suppliers Starbucks drinks after lunch -kasi daw mainit -thanks guys. It's a small gesture that meant a lot to your team)

Here are some shots of their wedding taken by Mangored grabbed from Tonel's multiply site. :)
We bought these accesory together during our final meeting. Actually the final meeting was more of a supposedly bonding moment for us. Unfortunately, my dad in law was having a hard time in the hospital that same day and time. Tonel was very kind to let me go back there instead. After buying these stuff ( I actually thought of her the moment I saw these . :)
Tonel was never the typical bride. Colored shoes and purse for brides? They suited her very well. Thanks to Niko of Veluz, it was executed in a very tasteful manner.
Tina Lirag of Newyorker created the fabulous entourage dresses in fuchsia.
A detailed bride deserves a detailed designer. This opulent back detail design was a Veluz creation.
While the bride is busy preparing in the morning, his groom and the guys had their own photo session at the suite's own pocket garden
True beauty was brought out by Madge Lejano, Xeng Zulueta of Make up Studio and their team
As Tonel said, this was her La Greta Moment :)
This was a big secret....... Which one? ( the veil ). It will remain one. I can't divulge the mystery :)
The bridal walk?... Simply perfect
A glimpse of the post ceremony activity which David spearheads.
At the reception, guests were welcomed by beautiful flowers done by April and Karen Yu
The dessert bar by Bizu
Now this one is a main secret of the bride and me. :) The moment their car arrived in Blue Leaf, we asked the guests to welcome them and have Tonel's gift for Manny unveiled
And now, what is Love? Afterall, that's the title of this post right? Find out as you watch this onsite AVP by Mayad Studios ( First time I worked with them, I was impressed- so young yet so gifted).. and learn why Tonel still watches the same Onsite over and over.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

JLO goes to Laiya

Around March, Queen wrote a story about the saddest period in my life. During this period, our group had a wedding to coordinate. It was a wedding of Manny and Tonel. Queen and I decided for me to drop by at the church to do the special post-church ceremony activity that we normally conduct since as they say, the show must go on no matter what. Too bad that I was not able to take even one picture from this wedding. I'm glad to know though that the wedding went really well. More to that on Queen's post.

Few weeks after, while Queen and I were thinking of a place to treat our team, we thought of calling Tonel as the family of Manny owns Llamar Beach resort in Laiya, Batangas. And so we went to the said place.

The team left Manila at around 11pm and reached the place at around 2am. We were very thankful to the mom of Manny who tookt he effort to check if we're ok .

The get-away was a blast...especially the snorkeling trip. The long drive was really worth it.

Here are our pix...

Following pictures were taken around 5:30AM, right before sunrise.

Business as usual for most of the local residents.

Shots of the place...Rooms...They've a room for 16pax...with everyone having comfortable bed to use.
Much deserved break ! :)

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Albert & Therese (by David)

While everyone is talking about Manny, I thought of posting our latest wedding.

Last May 1, the team was at Fraser Place Hotel / Sanctuario de San Antonio / Blue Leaf to coordinate Albert and Therese's wedding.

Here are the pictures I took...

Therese with the make-up artist, Jesy Alto.

The groom, Albert, preparing...

Our very own, Rommel, assisting the dad of the groom.

A sight of Sanctuario de San Antonio...

Albert and Therese got an all-boys choir to sing in the mass who did very well. (Known as Kinema choir, they sang beautifully :)-queen)

The church now prohibits throwing anything after the ceremony. To continue the tradition of giving warm greetings, we cater a short program at the entrance door of the church. For Albert and Therese, we also requested everyone to join the couple in a big group pictorial.

Post-ceremony pix...

Wacky shots from our associates...

Candid shot taken by one of my associate, Maan.

This souvenir was very much acknowledged by the guests. By the way, this was made by Jenn Pinon of Threelogy. ( When the couple told me about their desire to have caricatures for the guests which will be done prior to the actual event, I suggested to have them framed instead to be used as placecards. The guests actually exchanged laughter, sharing caricatures and overwhelemed by the importance the couple has given them. -queen)

Posting the table center arrangement. ( This was an upgraded arrangement done by Peach Blossoms)

The bride with some of the suppliers: Jenn (Souvenir), Jesy (Make-up Artist), Erron and Jamie (Photos)

After the event, the group went to timezone - Serendra to unwind. ( It was David's birthday - queen)

At Friday's (celebrating David's 33rd and Jun Pimentels th- Jun P's birthday is a day after David's)