Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The name

What's in a name?

Is it life's meaning one has found halfway through his journey? Or a lingering thought that one can never let go of?

Is it something that creates an opportunity for one who wants to succeed? Or something that gives hope during missed expectations?

Is it something that delivers a sense of royalty? Or is it just...... something, simply something?

After a long battle with my usual excuse of "I'll start my blogsite later, I'll rest muna", here I am starting to post something that has been on my mind for several seasons only to find out that in thinking of how to start it will only make me think more.

I finally decided on starting this with our name. " Ay bakit Just Like Ours? ", " Ang cute naman! ". These are the usual reactions from people when they learn about our name. Wala pa namang nagsabing mushy hahahaha. I'm sure nobody would have the courage to say it.

But why Just Like Ours?

Several months after our wedding, my wonderful and handsome husband ( take a backseat Brad Pitt ) DAVID and I have been thinking of a name we should give to a group we have been planning to create. We can't think of any that fits. It took us weeks before we thought of something. It was hard! And whoever said that having a name for your baby is easy, think again. Especially if the baby you are pertaining to is a working group. Not a baby who wants a change of diapers every 2 hours or so. Imagine if we will be called David's Angels? Buti kung kasing sexy ko si Lucy Liu, or Masters of Events - parang Master showman walang tulugan. Or the Bride of David - ay naku baka magselos si Chucky at maging horror pa kame. Nothing fits!

Then suddenly, a thought just popped out of my mind ( sorry dada, idea ko talaga hehehehe). Why not Just Like Ours? David said "Ah huh" - seems like I am preparing for a thesis topic and reporting to a professor hahahaha.

Kidding aside.

Every event gives us something in return. It helps us cultivate friendships, it spices our relationship, it makes us wonder and turn back to the time of our own wedding. It gives us an opportunity to grow and help others grow with us. It makes us believe that we can hold on to something more important than any form of success. It gives us a glimpse of a future we can never tell. It makes us human in this fast fast fast and quick quick quick world. It makes us one.

In return, we help them make it a celebration of love and life, because every wedding deserves to be. It is a union where my team members are not merely workers but a family. Where couples are more of PERSONS than brides and grooms who are shelling out some money from their pocket with minds filled with expectations.

We take it with equal passion, with equal focus, with equal belief. We dream with them, we spend sleepless nights with them, we pray with them.

We share their thoughts, their joys, their fears, their triumph. We help make their event something that would LINGER. Just Like Our own wedding, Just Like Our Lives, Just Like Ours.

It fits.

It's Perfect.

It's Us.

It's Mushy.

But it's Real.

Now, I'm really blogging. :)