Friday, September 12, 2008

More than just luck ( Ted and Kat 08.08.08)

Preps: Ayala Alabang home
Ceremony: St James the Great
Reception: Grand Ballroom Bellevue Hotel

You can get married anytime of the year. But if you are lucky enough, maybe you would secure a slot on the luckiest day of the year!!! Ted and Kat are not just lucky, they are also one of the sweeter couple we've had. The bride was into the preparations the whole time. She would always tease the groom to prepare a surprize for her since she poured her heart out for the wedding. Little did she know that Ted prepared one hell of a roller coaster ride for her and would keep her waiting for more surprizes come the wedding day. First he prepared a special photoframe of their favorite prenuptial shot that was displayed at the reception entrance. Then shortly before their first dance, he had a reenactment of courtship and sang his bride a special song before he asked her to dance with him. During the singles game, he made a certain dance that made the bride giggle a lot.
They were high school sweethearts who eventually broke up but met again and hooked up again. Destiny as it seems, they found each other saying their vows at the altar of St James the great.
It was a crazy and fun wedding. All the details made it more unique and more unforgettable. Just like their love of each other.
This is Kat's lola at their lanai. It is always an honor and enriching experience to see grandparents attend the wedding of their grandchildren.
Jack and Jun are preparing the brunch for the day

Small bears were put on every flower girl's basket by Teddy Manuel
If you look around the house, you'll find intricate interesting details surrounding the place. No need to stay in the hotel if you are blessed with this kind of home.

The bridal gown was set up by Paul Vincent at the hallway of the loft achieving a grander look. Reminds me of great European photographs were natural lighting is used
Kat's father is very generous to tour us around the house. The house is yet to be finished ( it has been newly done) perfectly for the wedding.
A view from the loft

They gave unbrellas as souvenirs for the guests with their names printed on it with the date. We used these as well for pictorial purposes after the ceremonies

Great smiles ended the reception with a bang
Check their teaser video done by Shierdan Pamintuan at
Official Photos taken by Paul Vincent at

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