Thursday, September 11, 2008

Perfect Time (Ricky and Sydney 09.07.08)

Preps: Manila Hotel
Church: San Agustin Church
Reception Venue: Barbara's
The wise always say " There is a perfect time for everything". A time to breathe, time to cry, time to rejoice, time to love, time to decide. This goes very well for Ricky and Sydney.
After several years and 2 smart little boys, Ricky finally gave Sydney a magnificent bridal walk she truly deserves. They chose a classic traditonal wedding with a great Intramuros ambiance, surrounded by loved ones, their I do's were made in God's presence. Sweet, simple, joyful.
Shortly after the ceremonies, Ricky and Sydney enjoyed half an hour of couple pictorial.

This is also a time when we reunited with our own wedding photographers five years ago, Ed and Leny of Manila Prime Studio.

Guess it's also about time to post photos of Rommel with his grooms :)

San Agustin at its finest hour
Kissing in front of many people never looked better :)

For San Agustin couples, it is worth to pay extra for a pictorial at the Courtyard.

Jun Pimentel, one of our associates is a very good friend of the groom. He is not the hairstylist :) But he wanted to make sure the bride would still look her best
And this is Jun's bridal creation

The two boys also offered a flower to their mom during the reception.
Jackie is instructing the bride how to carry the puffiness of the gown
In San Agustin, time is gold :) The church usherettes will begin the march anytime so better be ready....

Jhoelle is giving one final instruction to one of the entourage members

Jun preps up the bride before her walk.

And my David's photo of the day :)
This classic museum shot never goes out of style.

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