Friday, September 12, 2008

So Sexy! ( Paolo and Nina 08.17.08)

Preps: EDSA Shangrila
Ceremony: Nuestra Senora de Gracia
Reception: Garden Ballroom, EDSA Shangrila

This couple rocks!!!!Nina is a very bubbly and lovely bride. Paolo on the other hand is someone who tells you what he wants and will make sure that it is done. This couple is lucky to have great friends who were there from day 1 when the wedding preps kicked off. They also have a very organized and cooperative family members who made the event absolutely special.
The most applauded segment of the day??? The couple's first dance. A remix of 4 sexy songs. This paired with great choreography and lots of projection made the night an ultimate entertainment for all the attendees.
So where's the sexiness? Their very existence made it so obvious. :)
Even the fans given at the church were personalised
Being organized can make the turnover of items on the day a lot easier. Nina got this discipline from her corporate world as she does trainings as well.
She's one o0f the brides who reads and follows the timetable and final checklist guide that I give during the final meeting
Labor of love by the maid of honor :)
The flowers were a mixture of pretty hues of plum and purple by Royal Flower Shoppe
Good good friends- for keeps.:)
The maid of honor is more like a sister to the bride. Here, she prepares her speech on one corner of the bridal suite. She delivered it with tears during the reception program.
Representing two generations, the Domingo men looked really good together
Cecilio Abad never fails his brides.
Goofing around after the turnover.

This is also the wedding when I lost my wedding bands. :( It must have slipped off my finger. David and I looked at it on a brighter note. Maybe I deserve an eternity ring on our 5th year this coming October :p. Maybe I also got sexier that's why it went loose.
Watch the couple's lovely onsite prepared by Bong of Threelogy here

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