Friday, June 27, 2008

Just Like Ours goes to Baguio

For a much awaited summer team building, David and I decided to bring the team to Baguio.

Victory Liner Pasay at 130 AM

Sison, Pangasinan Bus Stop

We super enjoyed the trip for the following reasons:

1. Great great weather. We have 2 Baguio first timers in the group ( Tita Be and Anne)and the weather that day was something that would stick to the mind of any first timer. - cool during the day, freezing cold at night :)

Tita Be and Anne chilling at the Baguio terminal upon arrival

Freezing cold and foggy at night

2. Considering that it was just an overnight stay, ( we left Manila 2 Am June 14, left Baguio 11PM June 15) we had done a lot of activities in a relaxed state

3.Camp John Hay exploration. I have been to Baguio many times and stayed in the same hotel ( Manor, that is) all the time but it was just my second time ( first for my team) to explore hidden treasures in Camp John Hay. Much have changed but it was beautiful nevertheless. We found an amusement center where we got to enjoy a bump car ride. We were like kids screaming and boxing in tita be and anne's car. We also enjoyed the Bell house tour with a super accommodating guide. Plus staying at the Manor with friends, lounging at the bar at night with one another on a weekend made us feel NORMAL. :)

The team at the veranda of our room

Lounge night at the Manor Hotel, Camp John HayLounge night at the Manor Hotel, Camp John Hay

Inside the Bell House, Historical Core, CJH

Fireplace at the ManorCJH Amusement Center Bump Car Ride

4. Gastronomic Feast - best thing to do while on destination.

5. Sm Baguio Bingo center - we won 2 games!!!! wohooo!!! not so big but we could make a cut to the UAAP cheering competition for our loudest BINGO scream as our winning numbers were called.

6. Just being there... TOGETHER. To have the same team for almost five years is not so easy for some. But Just Like Ours, other than being a business has been founded on frienship. Nothing gets better than that. Now here's a slideshow of that enjoyable Baguio trip.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

HK Pix (Part 2) by David

Here's my second and last article for our HK trip.

For this post, I decided to show some of our best post-nup pix. I regularly browse blogsites of Pinoy wedding photographers. And I notice that more and more couples nowadays are having their pre-nups abroad - Singapore, Japan, US. I haven't seen one taken at HK though. This makes this post more special, at least to me. Although these pictures were taken by our relatives, I'm still happy with the shots - it puts me back in time when Queen and I were still having our pre-nup sessions.


Taken at the MTR going to Disneyland

Veranda of our room at Disneyland Hotel

Band members are true blood Pinoy! Galing natin!

With HK local

PS: Chug, thanks for dropping a note at our blogsite. Being out on a vacation with family and relatives especially on a magical place like Disney, the money and time were all worth it. Sana maulit muli, hehe.