Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Luckier One (Emon & Clar 07.14.07)

" If anyone will ask who is luckier in this relationship, I can honestly say that I am the luckier one...."
- Clar, married to someone who can make her smile for the rest of her life 071407-
" I promise to take care of you "
- Emon, married to someone who can make him learn that going back to the basics will make a marriage work -

I remember these lines clearly as the couple said their final message for each other and for the guests during their wedding. She is indeed very lucky. Having been married to a man everyone respects, someone family oriented, professional, matured. But luckier? I guess not. The bride is someone beautiful, gifted and very sweet. Don't get me wrong. I do not mean to say that the groom is the luckier one. It would be very hard to gauge who is. It will take time to measure the complexity of her uttered words. The groom on the other hand, deserves all the good words said about him, I can honestly say that he will be able to take care of her. Having been privileged to meet them and get to know them a little better shortly before the wedding, I am convinced that this bond will have a long journey. I can proudly say that they look good together. Clar is a very hands on bride. She took time to personalize some wedding items ( the invitations, mass booklets, souvenir packaging were done beautifully). Even the luminaries who lit the pathway of Oasis has a very personal touch with their monogram. Emon on the other hand is cool and warm at the same time. He makes you feel comfortable and welcome ( as a true gentleman ) and become cool as ever as he withstands the pressure of a hands on bride ( hehehe, it's hard to be hands on. :) )
Here are some highlights of their wedding captured by David

Clar being made up my Val Villarin. He was able to transform her from a very timid, sweet looking lady into an elegant and regal bride
After the church ceremonies, the entourage were asked to stay and join the couple's pictorial.

Oh and please don't expect kids to be super attentive. Like the couple, they should enjoy the prime of their childhood. :)

Some of the desset included at the Hizon's dessert bar
This is one particular segment that I really enjoyed during the wedding. It is known to all the
Filipino women would oftentimes abhor to be included in the singles game. We are the ever so timid type. But during Emon and Clar's wedding, the winner was so game, she made the segment look really cool. Lucky gentleman I must say

This is the first time I have seen Smartshots ( the official photographer) preparae an onsite video presentation for a wedding. I must say that the guests really aprreciated how it turned out. It was done beautifully.

The couple chilling with us after the reception program.

For the official photos and video, please visit this site under weddings.

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Emon and Clar said...

thanks so much queen, david and the rest of the gang for making our wedding what we dreamt of. our relatives were impressed with your work. if we could get married all over again, we would definitely do it with you guys. more power!!!