Thursday, August 09, 2007

A match made in ER ( Randy and Tet 05.19.07)

Doc Randy was a friend way back pre-med internship years. When I learned that he is finally tying the knot, I presumed it was going to be with Dra. Tet. I first met Tet during wedding we have coordinated 2 years ago. The moment I learned that she is Randy's girlfiend, I thought Randy must have really found the one. Heheh mejo chickboy kasi si Doc pero I just had that feeling that Tet will be his perfect match.

The couple was very relaxed during the day, or even a day before the event itself. I suggested that they get my ever reliable manicurist, Jessica to pamper them with mani, pedi and massage in their hotel room a night before than to go out of the hotel and end up more tired during the day.

Most of their suppliers are the ones we have never worked before. Mejo pressured nga kasi, halos walang turn over and they expect me to deliver. Like 2 days before the wedding, they told me that David and I will also be hosting . Other brides, please dont do that hehehe. It is still best to have an earlier turn-over. I will exert all the extra effort just to help you make your wedding beautiful. But we can't be lucky at all times. Better be safe than sorry. Well, it was super great thing the cards worked well for me on this particular event.
It was a morning wedding by the way, we arrived around 5 am. Come 6 am, Tet's hair and make up started.

They got married at my favorite church ( Shrine of Jesus - syempre that's where I got married ). This particular church is very strict when it comes to solemnity. Photographers would oftentimes abhor being there since they can only take shots from a certain angle during the ceremony.

They only had one reception venue on mind - Villa Immaculada. This indoor reception venue in Intramuros is being managed by Tamayo's catering. It is a great option for those who wanted a garden and a closed function area in one. The patio of Villa Immaculada can be used for cocktails. There are wrought iron chairs in the garden where guests could reax a bit shortly before the reception begins. Sometimes, the patio serves as a great place to smoke since the indoor reception venue is airconditoned. At first, the couple thought that pink and blue motiff would look so very " JS Prom". I was amazed how Tamayo's made the color combination looked so relaxing and sweet at the same time. Randy and Tet had more than 300 guests. It fitted in the venue. Although I would suggest that 250 would be comfortable for this venue.
Oh, one lucky guy.... :)

But guys, you have to take it slow ( madaming kids watching :)

It is also great to see generations merged in a somewhat serious yet relaxed conversation.

And even friends need a post-wedding turn-over. This is necessary as the couple will only be able to check items right after their honeymoon.
And did I mention that I love morning weddings? Personal lang. We have more time to relax right after the event kasi. My team goes out after every event whether it ends up early morning na. This particular event, we decided to try out a small place near Rockwell drive which serves authentic Thai cusine - SOMS.

I so super love Thai food. My team naman wanted to let go of the usual fries, burger, pasta/ pizza so we decided to hang out to this place.

We ordered some traditonal meals that may be enjoyed by everyone.
Mukha ba silang nag-enjoy??? Mukhang nabitin yata.

Hmm. di naman too spicy inorder natin ah. BAkit parang nalungkot kayo??
Baka naman larawan yan ng sobrang pagkabusog hahahaha.
So off we go to everyone's favorite hangout place, STARBUCKS.

Jun has recently celebrated his nth birthday. We decided to give him a treat - an additonal startbucks mug to be added on to his collection ( with green tea frap - his favorite ). A great day indeed. :)

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