Thursday, August 09, 2007

A Masquerade Ball ( Lei @ 18 - 7.21.07 )

This event I could not resist because of my ninang. :)
Sometime June, I received a call from Ninang Donna ( who happens to be the Marketing Manager of Casa Marinero in Intramuros ), asking me to please accept the hosting stint for the 18th birthday of her friend's daughter. David and I were planning to travel to Tagaytay and take well deserved break but this person can make me change personal plans. I must admit that she was the sponsor we have known at a latter part of our life ( during the wedding planning to be exact) but we are closest to her among all other second parents that we have. So off I went the following week and met Mrs Halamani and her daughter Lei. It was a good thing that the event was also be held at Casa Marinero ( the place where David and I had our reception )

Lei is not your typical girly eighteener. Being surrounded by young men in her class ( she is currently enrolled at De Lasalle under B.S. ECE ). Not naman boyish. Yes, she is feminine but nevertheless, she is the type of young lady who knows what she wants and knows how to have fun at the same time.

So there came the theme " Masquerade ". I must admit that hosting for 18th birthdays are more difficult especially if we are not the ones coordinating for the event. Debuts entail a more staged program than weddings but eventually this event rocked the house. :)
The set up was done beautifully by Ninang Donna. This particular event was held at the roofdeck of Casa Marinero. This area can hold around 120 guests.
For other reception venues in Casa Marinero, please visit their site at
I must admit, Casa Marinero still serves the best food in Intramuros. I remember how our guests talked about our wedding even months after the event.

This is one party where everyone was game for a photo op. Cool diba? Not romantically linked, may balak lang mag artista :)
After the main reception, Lei had some fun time with her friends. I remember them showing a video presentation of their messages that was shot during a recent typhoon in Fort Santiago
( " What are friends for?")

Some photos that will linger in your mind even after you graduate and have your own lives . :)

I remember when I turned 18, not everyone of my age was too keen to get a photo. Or uso na ba photography that time? Mahal ang roll ng film before, mabigat pa yung camera. :)

And this is how the young ones party nowadays. Well, I can still do that. Sometimes I wonder, at 31, I am almost double their age but I can still host their event. ( Oh I miss my college friends ). We are not the magimmick type before. Movies, Bowling, Eat- Out masaya na. Buti na lang at our age young at heart pa din kame ni David :) Sabi nga nila, Rock the world when you can. :)

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