Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The bride who beat Bon Jovi

Looking back through the year that has passed ( Oh yeah, another tedious yet, fulfilling year). I can't help but smile and wonder. What do couples really want? Well, I have been a bride 4 years ago. Every single year, specifications change, trends change. Is it really possible to have that classic feeling and at the same time enjoy the trend during your wedding day?

I tried to look for a photo taken by David to depict how things are running in my mind now.

This has been one of my favorite " bridal shot". This was taken last January, 2007 in Taal Vista during a Filipino-Scottish wedding ( more of the story soon)

I mean, If you were a bride, and you can have the option to feel as good as Eva, would you say No?

Me? I would embrace that chance- in a heartbeat!!!

Brides still rock on their wedding day you know. :)

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