Monday, May 03, 2010

A birthday, a wedding and a discharged battery

May 1, 2010
The wedding of Noel Arce and Karla Reyes
Belleview-Saratoga Hills Tagaytay Highlands
Madre De Dios Chapel
Midlands Veranda

It was David's 34th. :) The team went off to Tagaytay for a wedding. For Tagaytay and Batangas events, we usually leave early morning in Makati to specifically have breakfast first before proceeding to the actual venue. Tootsie's was one of the usual restaurants that we go to for breakfast. It is a quaint restaurant along the national road that serves relatively nice meals. The restaurant has a homey feel and a perfect venue for pre event discussions

The very handsome birthday boy :)
All breakfast meals come with a free instant coffee ( for those who prefer brewed, it is available for an additional cost)
This is daing na biya. Other choices would be their corned beef and bangus meals
Now off to Tagaytay Highlands. The bride stayed at belleview. It's great to see a bride who is relaxed, who has fallen asleep well a night before and simply calm :)
Karla had her shoes customized
Here, Eddie Bruan ( make up artist ) was having a short break and chitchat with Jun Pimentel, one of my associates. For those who didn't know, I was once an Eddie Bruan Bride. he still has that certain bridal make up magic.
Karla's mom was one of the nicest mothers we have ever encountered. Here, she kept on asking us to at least taste a specialty sncak from Batangas ( their hometown). It was actually like a sweet biscocho bread that is so great to be paired with coffee.My Reception associates strike a pose outside belleview after the morning turnover before going to midlands.
The groom stayed at a house in Saratoga Hills. Nice place :)
Rommel, my associate assigned to the groom, reminds Noel the running timetable for the day.
A calming view from the outside
Noel and his brother teasing their little sister as her make up is being done
At the bride's end, a sweet casual sibling moment happned as well

After the make up, Eddie got his own camera to take a photo of the bride while the official photographers from Niceprint instructs her to pose
The male entourage must be buffed as well. Here, the father of the bride was being groomed by Eddie.
Karla, having some funny talk with Jackie.
A beautiful gown was done by Frankie De Leon, a friend of the couple
Nostalgic :)
A very classic bridal pose :)
A father and son moment inside the bathroom
Two generation of beautiful women
Where else can you find two men putting on an earring to the woman of their life? :)
Some final instructions before leaving the place
And some comfort check :)
Meanwhile, the groom needs to be buffed as well. :) Some blotting paper would do
The bride and the groom enjoying some "us moment" during the post-ceremonial shoot
The wedding went very well. It actually finsihed early and we decided to head to Manila for some post celebration. Upon reaching a steep slope in highlands, we saw Missy Ferrer Litao ( wedding host) and her family on the side of the road as they had troubles with the car battery. Apparently, there is not available towing truck at highlands at night ( w/c makes me think- how come a high end place like this would not have an emergency service at night). Moreover, they cant just leave their car at the slope and it has to be brought to the nearest guard post. There goes the third adventure as the boys decided to pull push up to the nearest guard post is which about more than a hundred meters away from the area.
This is Charlie, Missy's daughter who never fails to light up a place. :)
2nd push activity :P This should be tagged as David's street party birthday celebration

" Alms alms ".
Actually, belive it or not, it was a very very interesting and fun day :) Here's the very heartwarming onsite of Noel and Karla's wedding as captured by Niceprint Photography

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