Thursday, May 13, 2010

Simply Beautiful

The Wedding Of Mike De Jesus and Tricia Pontejos
Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel
Peninsula de Punta Fuego
Upper Beach Club
Official wedding pictures by MangoRed, courtesy of Tricia :)

Kahlil Gibran, a known poet once said that" We live only to discover beauty. All else is a form of waiting."
True indeed, and once you discovered it, it simply lingers. Such was the wedding of Mike and Tricia. Both are very beautiful inside and out and have such exquisite taste, their wedding was an experience of their persona.

They both decided to have destination wedding. It was a windy yet very humid day, just perfect for a semi beach wedding. Punta Fuego is a mere three hour drive from Metro Manila. Up on the second hill and you will arrive at the Peninsula, where the upper beach club is.
The ceremony was held at the quaint Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel. . It's an airy chapel, very simple yet intimate.
The upper beach club is about five minutes away from the chapel. Teddy Manuel transformed the venue into an indoor beach inspired reception venue. The paper lanterns set a somewhat laidback feel to the formal event.
The preparation was such a breeze as Tricia was one of the prettiest brides this country could ever have :)

Here are some wedding details:
The invitation was a classic formal invite with a bit of blue splash to hint the beach feel
The bridal bouquet was done by a friend of the groom's family, Tita Agnes. They are fresh handpicked flowers tied together by a dainty white fabric.
During the preps, Tricia had some spare time to prepare her very romantic vows
The entourage looked all lovely wearing their blue jersey gowns prepare by Arlene Sipat of Salsatrends. Tricia's gown was done by Jun Escario.Right at the chapel, refreshments were given to early guests. Traffic was way too bad in Tagaytay during that day as Padyak Pinoy was held very near Alfonso. We had to move the ceremonies thirty minutes later than the original 3pm slot to give way to some other participants to be able to make it for the ceremony.
The handsome groom wore a linen suit by JC Buendia. One would not forget the childlike smile that Mike had as he watched Tricia walked down the aisle.
This is Tricia's very poised bridal walk in her Jun Escario gown.
That look of love made me realize that weddings like this have certain moments when time stood still.
The traditional post-ceremony activity headed by David had a certain twist when both parents were definitely game to join and were in the love mood as well.
After the ceremony, pre dinner cocktails were held at the upper beach club balcony. Balls of green, white and blue lanterns were designed by Teddy Manuel to enhance the bare area.
That Beautiful cake was done by no less than Ms Heny Sison. It tasted good as well.
Menu cards were put on table napkins
Simple fresh garden picked flowers for the reception were arranged by Tita Agnes as well.
Of course, the food must never be taken forgranted. The couple hired Bizu Catering with their signature dessert bar.
After the reception program, the guests rockeoke'd all night with the Johnny's and an open shooter's bar.

But my favorite part of the night was when Tricia and Mike decided to hold their first dance at the balcony with fireworks. :) The beautiful couple deserved that beautiful wedding.

View their onsite video prepared by Threelogy

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