Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Brightest Star

Photo taken by David
The 18th birthday of Danielle Chua
EDSA Shangri-la
*** Photos courtesy of official photographer Mr Chito Cleofas unless otherwise specified

Let me tell you something about Danie. She is mommy and daddy's baby girl in an adult state ( well, as of this writing). You would not even realize she is 18 unless you know her by heart, you were invited to her party, or you asked. Very pretty, having an innocent smile that could launch a thousand ship, multi-talented, very obedient, Well- what else could you ask for? The first meeting, she just said she wanted something that depicts vintage hollywood glamour.
50's was the height of the era of pin up girls, high fashion glamour pages, red lipstick, smoky eyes,victorian inspired jewel dolls,millenery,jersey gloves ( my list could go on). It was an era of ultimate class and innocent charm. Danie started receiving the guests with a short high waisted cocktail dress with a big belt. Later on she changed into her wine red ballgown with millenery and gloves. The two gowns were done by my associate Jun Pimentel.
Beautiful family is best to decribe them. The parents knew how to set things straight without being too stiff nor too tight. It is great to see the kids talk to their parents openly about their feelings. The debutant was lucky to have them as well. Danie's hair and make up were also transformed after the cocktails. Kudos to my associate Jackie Buenviaje for creating a sweet no make up look for the cocktails and an elegant smoky make up during the formal program. Ogie Rayel did what he does best as well. He never failed to amaze everyone ( me, included) with every stroke of hairstyle. They also did the pre debut shoot make up, the photos of which were framed and shown during cocktails.
Photo taken by David
Teddy Manuel did an awesome job with the ticket booth registration at the cocktail area Photo taken by David
A marquee with Danie's name was placed on the actual entrance. Two of my associates were there as well. One to serve as the doorman, the other one was inside to get the ticket as they enter.
Photo taken by David
Here's a sample ticket. It was pitch dark inside, the only one lit was the stage. This photo was taken as a guest comes in and flashlight was used to check on table numbers ( as per cinema)
Table numbers were adorned with Actual Famous Vintage movies and trivia about the specific actress who starred in the film
The favors were jewelry holders in different designs. The guests were given the chance to choose upon surrender of their souvenir stub. This was done after the reception program.
Photo taken by David
A closer look at the jewel mannequin.
Photo taken by David
Teddy Manuel did an amazing job with the set up given the limited space. Outside the hall, cocktails were served and a gallery was prepared with this bulb- lit frames.
Photos by David
Beautiful cake done by Dexter's ( c/o Shangri-la Package). Apparently, it tastes great too
Photo taken by David
Since most 18th birthday parties start late, Shang prepared pre-dinner cocktails at the lobby where the gallery was displayed. A photobooth was there as well to keep the guests entertained.
An important highlight of the program was the shoe change where the father of the debutant changed her sneakers to glam heels then he offered a toast to signify his acceptance of welcoming her to adulthood.
The debutant also performed an awesome flamenco dance. It was so fluid that anyone who watches will be amazed. :)
We gave the beautiful mom a chance to lit the birthday candles signifying that she will always pave the way for her daughter's success.
Photo taken by David
CIRKULO band was there to sing standards during dinner and modern party music after the program.
Photo taken by David
One great party, all fabulous guests. Creative formal its :)

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