Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Red light, Green light ( A Just Like Ours Story)

Freeze baby, freeze freeze baby....
Our world stopped for a moment as we took another leap in fulfilling our mission and enhancing our skills. This was a just like ours event. The moment was felt like eternity.

It came a perfect time. Since ber months are the busiests for any wedding supplier, we thought it was impossible to push through with what we have on mind. David and I have been preparing for our Annual Team Building and Skills Enhancement workshop for months but our schedule just couldn't permit it. Until a client has moved their November weekend wedding a little later this year, we have embraced the opportunity to block the date for our own event.

The story and the pictures will somehow tell you how serious ( or maybe not heheheh) my team is with their mission to make every event memorable.

November 11, 2006 around 3 pm. After a long morning of buying some stuff for the kitchen and other team building materials, we headed towards ortigas to check in at the Discovery suites. I asked David to take care of it since I made a reservation several nights before. I had to rush to the Podium to scout for souvenir items to be given to the team but found none. After approximately 20 minutes, I received a text from David asking why the room looked quite small, without a kitchen and old. I said "HUH?". When I reached the hotel room, it was a total dismay. It is really small, without a kitchen and smells old. I dialed immediately to the front desk and asked which type of room did they give us. They said a junior Suite. I specifically reserved for a1 br suite, 70 sqm, with kitchen. She said, there is no available 1 br suite. I was furious heheheh. To cut the story short, I called Linden to ask if my reservation with them has been gotten by another client already and they said it is still open. So we transferred to Linden immediately and it was an awesome stay.

Start of the day was to prepare dinner and module materials while waiting for other team members to arrive. I said to myself and promised that this will be a real workshop cum team building. We have prepared a module based on the needs and bonding activities to gel the team.
There were KAPERS ( scouts will understand what this means) assigned for the 3 day workshop as the group is divided into 2 to alternately prepare for the meals. They have to cook something based on what we have in the kitchen. The dinner was a sinigang and shanghai fest. Ang sarap kumain ng sama-sama.
Even the guys have to help out. They prepared the veggies while eating merienda hehehe.

Me and David, on the other hand, prepared the area for training and other workshop materials. I have done this many times but this seemed to be one of the hardest. ( Not the folding duh ) The actual module took me several sleepless nights. We wanted things to be perfect. :)

House Rules? Yeah we have them too. Bawal lumabas sa bahay ni Kuya and Ate, Bawal ang pork beans hehehe, Just put your mobile phones in silent mode and you may get to use it during breaks only, phones and watches have to be surrendered for the duration of the workshop.

Start of the activity was to enhance their openness to each other and the whole group, to develop their sense of awareness and focus to the workshop. Expectations from the funniest "it's going be a stay in an airconditioned room the whole day" to the seriously taken " to be able to lead and serve" was given and shared.

They had a chance to mingle with each other but seriously took every lessons by heart. We had the training at a space inside the bedroom with Manila paper and the works. They dressed up comfortably and be themsleves from start to finish.
Every end of the session had a battlecry and message for teammates. At one point, they had to say " Ang galing mo talaga" with a gesture. Some even made it more fun by dressing up in a different manner and said, "ang galing mo talaga bakla or ang galing mo talaga sister". Those were 2 days of limitless possibilities.

We have also challenged their creativity and teamwork by letting them create a special bride and groom's attire ala Christmas Theme using green and red crepe paper, glue, masking tape and scissors. They have chosen our liaison officer Rommel and landscape artist Baby as their models. Jun Pimentel, being our head designer had a very bold idea for the designs :)

The finished product? we even had enough materials for our uniform. This is how crazy we could get.... :p ( making faces, goofing around, laughing out loud, acting effortlessly)

Syempre we had some singing moments too. What have we belted out? Karma Chameleon, Isang Lahi, Jingle Bells and the like hahaha no kidding.

This is how we do our wake up calls for the nth time pag ayaw pa din tumayo. :)

Oh yeah, we are health buffs. This is our Ala Fitness First Early morning dance class. Todo Bigay.

The second day was all about skill enhancement. Each member of the team had a chance to share their knowledge and skills from basic make up and retouch ( Jack even asked her hubby Jhoelle as a model so that the girls may be able to have a clearer view. Walang sinabi si Paolo Ballesteros ala BEBOT sa ganda nito)

It was a long day. But at the end, we vowed to stick with each other no matter what. We work together, dream together, reach our goals together. We make it happen just like ours.

And this is how we have promised to commit in making every impossible goal achievable, every difficult task done, every moment memorable.

How will it be possible?

Imagine 6 people standing on a 1 foot by 5 inches piece of paper.

It was us. It happened. And we dance..... :)

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