Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Covered - In & Out (Lejan and Jerilyn's wedding)

Last night, I happened to check pictures from previous events waiting to be posted. Aside from the little sadness that I have gained a lot weight since last year (talk about being vain), I suddenly felt the need to write. So many stories to tell, so little time.

So I decided to post one and chose Lejan and Jerilyn's wedding to begin with .

This photo is courtesy of Wally Gonzales

Theirs was fairy tale made in heaven. Perfect match. Soulmates as they described each other, Lejan and Jerilyn finally sealed their vows with a kiss and a tight embrace on August 5, 2006.

Start of the day at Shangri-la, we were amazed to see the wedding gown very much covered as if a princess will be wearing it for a grand ball. It just arrived from the hotel laundry where we had it pressed. Since we were the first to arrive, David had the chance to photograph it before it was removed.

It was a gown she had dreamed of. Something that fitted her description of "wanting to feel the magic on that certain day". The designer on our team, Jun Pimentel made it possible. The beadworks were inspired by the craftsmanship of a gown design for an indian princess since the designer found Jerilyn's features very regal.

Being particular to details, the couple also made sure that everything was well coordinated, the groom's attire of no exemption. Aside from the suit that was bought in Dubai, the personal items of the groom were handpicked by both of them before they flew back to Manila. The male entourage also had similar neckties in old rose.
The day started with final instructions and some phone calls from friends who extended their regards and wishes.

The whole team was delighted to see the excitement in Jerilyn's eyes. The lack of sleep( as any other bride would experience) did not prevent her from looking radiant as expected. Eddie Bruan made sure that her updo specification was followed. In fact, Jerilyn even bought a copy of the updo she wanted during her trial make up.

Le Jan on the other hand, carried an aura of lightedness. Yet, he wanted to make sure of one important thing- That his vows were written legibly and made sure that an extra copy was not forgotten. I can not forgot his final instructions "Queen, ikaw na bahala ah. I just want this wedding to be memorable and special for Jerilyn". I guess it did become memorable, not just for Jerilyn but for him as well.

We had a great time working with them from the very beginning even if they were both on-shore. Lejan and Jerilyn were in Dubai the whole course of the wedding preparation. We communicated via email and once in a while, whenever Jerilyn had a flyback to Manila, we would meet. Their families were easy to deal with, very warm and appreciative and treated us like their own. We were very thankful for their trust. During the event, we were more eager to make everyone feel comfortable and enjoy the moment that they deserve. I was enormously happy that even the kids ( Lejan's niece and nephew) gamely posed everytime they see a photographer around. Manang- mana kay tito boss! ( their term of endearment for Lejan)

It was also great to have worked again with one of the better photographers around, Wally Gonzales. Having him covered the wedding made us worry free knowing that important shots will not be missed. His energy and enthusiasm were very much contagious. Mauuna pang mapagod ang couple kesa magsawa sya sa pagpicture. :) Whenever he saw an opportunity, he grabbed it. His ideas were overflowing and he made sure that the couple felt comfortable after a few shots.

To view some of his offical wedding shots, please visit Lejan and jerilyns website -

The christian ceremony and reception were both done at the Venue 1 of Fernwood gardens.I was relaxed since I was sure that the team of Josiah's Catering will be able to settle the table arrangements after the ceremony on time. They did. Ambilis nga. About 10 minutes after the rites, the venue was transformed into a magical garden reception. Guests enjoyed their meal and the overflowing booze.

It rained so hard during the reception program, in and out of venue 1. Outside, blessings from heaven started to pour midway of the program. Inside, people were shedding tears of joy as the mothers shared their messages, as the couple rendered songs for each other and as they had their first dance as if the angels were tying an invisible knot around them.

Everybody had their cameras ready and captured those rare moments. And everybody meant everybody. Including of course, Lejan's very suppotive brother in law, Sonny.

After the program came the most awaited party as guests danced their way all night to the music of The Sentimental groove's all in one band.

The party was enjoyed ................

.... by guests of all cultures. ( Some of Lejan and Jerilyn's guests flew from different parts of the globe just to witness their union )

- by guests of all ages

- by friends who have remained loyal despite the distance.

It was a great night. A night when dreams were fulfilled, tears fell, rain poured so hard, wishes granted, families and friends reunited. As I have mentioned during the program, "No amount of words will be able to describe how blessed this couple is". It was a day when eveything got covered. Somewhere, somehow God's magical hands took charge.

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