Saturday, May 09, 2009

JLO goes to Laiya

Around March, Queen wrote a story about the saddest period in my life. During this period, our group had a wedding to coordinate. It was a wedding of Manny and Tonel. Queen and I decided for me to drop by at the church to do the special post-church ceremony activity that we normally conduct since as they say, the show must go on no matter what. Too bad that I was not able to take even one picture from this wedding. I'm glad to know though that the wedding went really well. More to that on Queen's post.

Few weeks after, while Queen and I were thinking of a place to treat our team, we thought of calling Tonel as the family of Manny owns Llamar Beach resort in Laiya, Batangas. And so we went to the said place.

The team left Manila at around 11pm and reached the place at around 2am. We were very thankful to the mom of Manny who tookt he effort to check if we're ok .

The get-away was a blast...especially the snorkeling trip. The long drive was really worth it.

Here are our pix...

Following pictures were taken around 5:30AM, right before sunrise.

Business as usual for most of the local residents.

Shots of the place...Rooms...They've a room for 16pax...with everyone having comfortable bed to use.
Much deserved break ! :)

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