Sunday, May 03, 2009

Albert & Therese (by David)

While everyone is talking about Manny, I thought of posting our latest wedding.

Last May 1, the team was at Fraser Place Hotel / Sanctuario de San Antonio / Blue Leaf to coordinate Albert and Therese's wedding.

Here are the pictures I took...

Therese with the make-up artist, Jesy Alto.

The groom, Albert, preparing...

Our very own, Rommel, assisting the dad of the groom.

A sight of Sanctuario de San Antonio...

Albert and Therese got an all-boys choir to sing in the mass who did very well. (Known as Kinema choir, they sang beautifully :)-queen)

The church now prohibits throwing anything after the ceremony. To continue the tradition of giving warm greetings, we cater a short program at the entrance door of the church. For Albert and Therese, we also requested everyone to join the couple in a big group pictorial.

Post-ceremony pix...

Wacky shots from our associates...

Candid shot taken by one of my associate, Maan.

This souvenir was very much acknowledged by the guests. By the way, this was made by Jenn Pinon of Threelogy. ( When the couple told me about their desire to have caricatures for the guests which will be done prior to the actual event, I suggested to have them framed instead to be used as placecards. The guests actually exchanged laughter, sharing caricatures and overwhelemed by the importance the couple has given them. -queen)

Posting the table center arrangement. ( This was an upgraded arrangement done by Peach Blossoms)

The bride with some of the suppliers: Jenn (Souvenir), Jesy (Make-up Artist), Erron and Jamie (Photos)

After the event, the group went to timezone - Serendra to unwind. ( It was David's birthday - queen)

At Friday's (celebrating David's 33rd and Jun Pimentels th- Jun P's birthday is a day after David's)

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Thalet said...

Hey queen! I didn't know you were the coordinator of Therese's wedding. I saw her kc sa shop ni Veluz and Niko, another common supplier. Her twin, c Tin, is actually my HS barkada (she's supposed to be a reader at my wedding kaso she wasn't feeling well, isa sha sa mga hinahanap mo that day! haha! ü). Anyways, continue to make more couples happy on their big day! ü Take care! --- Thalet