Monday, May 26, 2008

HK Pix (Part 1) - by David

Posting some pix from our trip...I never thought that our first two-days will be more stressful than coordinating a wedding :-)

Even at the plane, Queen is still busy texting wedding-related stuff...

On my part, I was tasked to document the trip. Here's a shot of Queen's family at the cabin of Cebu Pacific.

Queen now prepped up for our long-awaited vacation.

A shot at the training station. It's already 11:45AM when this shot was taken. Our plane arrived at around 10am. I didn't notice that we spent around 100min walking around the airport, lining up at the immigration area, getting our baggages and taking pictures.

We checked-in at the Marco Polo Hotel. The room as still being prepared the time that we registered so we start our day in the city by looking for a place to take our meals. Skipping our breakfast and taking a 2hr flight would really make your stomach angry. We had our first meal at the food court of the mall beside our hotel. I think it's the Harbour City Mall.

We spent our first day at the Avenue of Stars and Temple Street for some shopping. Here are some of our pix.

Here's my photo of the day - a SPA center :-). Carrying a camera with extra lenses and a flash plus a baby at times really made my body longing for a spa.

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chugcadiogan said...

buti pa tong mga to pa-HK HK na lang. Sayang! nagpabili sana ako ng camera:)