Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Doc and Tin's Fabulous Las Vegas Wedding

Doc David and Tin Hilario
October 15, 2009
Preps Venue: The Ascott Makati
Ceremony: Santuario De San Antonio
Reception: The Blue Leaf Events Place
All photos by Chito Cleofas, the event's official photographer unless otherwise specified.

When the coolest among the David siblings finally announced that he and his long time girlfriend is tying the knot, everyone thought that Vegas theme would fit in. We have always known Doc and Tin to be fashionable, up to date and have a great set of fun loving friends. Having said that, it would be perfect if the theme would be executed well. There had been two major challenges. First would be the budget and second would be the color scheme.

Thematic weddings have always been more expensive. Specifically if you wish to imitate the feel of the sin city, so to speak. Thanks to very great supplier friends ( I am forever endebted :) ), the budget concern has been resolved. The color scheme, we had to twitch a bit since Red would not be appropriate as the passing of my dad in law fell on the same year. It could be put that Vegas is reviseable but definitely non-negotiable.

Here is how to try to make it work :)

1. Book Celeste Hotel, a very unique boutique hotel in Makati. Bring a poker game spread, dress up a bit and have the prenuptial pictorial session for 9 straight hours. Thank God for inventing "friendship"
*** Shot at the elevator mirror on the 7th floor by David

2. Enjoy the vast space of a huge hotel room, get festive, get relaxed, get cranky ( nobody did anyway). Be anyway that you want to be, just remember to be fab no matter what.

A Favorite Family Portrait taken at the Lobby of the Ascott. The Groom

The very lovely bride, in a Cecilio Abad creation, she chose a natural look for the church done by Angie Cruz and Ogie Rayel. The bridal bouquet was adorned with Ostrich feathers done by Teddy Manuel

3. Give a passport to Vegas for your invited guests

Sample invitation by Adworks, photographed by David

Actual layout by Adworks

4. When you put creative formal on the invite, make sure that you dress up the part

Female entourage were dressed by Jun Pimentel, with the customized handgloves and millinery

5. For strict churches where petal shower is not allowed, use whistles instead

6. Polka Dot for a table linen? Why not?

Catering with full set up in square tables, polka dot linen by Josiahs
Sensitivity made Blue Leaf an awesome venue :) photo by David

7. Prepare a dance number with the entourage to signal the start of the party

8. Hire the bellestar dancers for the opening number

10. Party hard

11. Most importantly, Make the groom shed tears of love and happiness. Vegas or non Vegas Puwede yun :)

12. Sneak kiss at the back of the car :)Here is their onsite video done by Shierdan Pamintuan

Doc and Tin from Shierdan Pamintuan on Vimeo.

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