Saturday, August 01, 2009

Three questions and a Lady ( A Tribute to Mrs. Corazon Aquino )

After our high school graduation, I received an invitation to take up the challenge and become one of the pilot scholars of the Benigno Aquino Foundation.

I was 16, just graduated from High school with nothing than the courage that i get from my daily visit to the blessed sacrament and the will to succeed, I gave it a try. It was an early afternoon in March, I found myself taking the exams with 1,900+ other candidates at the Center for Research and Communication in Ortigas. It was funny as I remembered, during the exams, my mind was filled with the thought that we might be able to meet her - Mrs Corazaon Aquino. Not until the facilitator announced that out of the 2000, just 200 will be asked to come back for an initial interview. Now, that gave a the goosebumps. Miraculously, I made it and after 2 major interviews, 20 of us were called for a final interview ---- and she will be there.

I was the fourth to be called and there she was- in her famous yellow dress and her infallible sweet smile. Soon as I took my seat, she browsed through my portfolio and the ball came rolling. One ambassador got to ask me a question. After which, she asked me three. Three major ones that I will remember for my entire life.

1. "Wow your dad died very young, how did you get by?"
2. "What is your mom doing now?"
3. "What have you been doing to prepare for this final process?"

After I answered the third, she told the rest of the board. " Ok we'll get her. She's good, we'll get her. Don't ask her questions na. We will get her."

The rest of the board sent out their congratulations, and she mentioned to me " You are ok now. I can see that more than that pretty face, that very courageous heart, the intelligence, your secret weapon will make you surpass any challenge. Continue what you have been doing"

I became one of the first 8 Benigno Aquino Foundation scholars. And she remained the most hardworking, gracious, affectionate and prayerful person I have ever encountered.

16 years after, God finally gave her time to rest.

Today, for nine days, I am painting this blog black - in honor of a great person.

As for the secret weapon? It's not just mine to keep. PRAYER - she told me to continue praying. For it is in prayer that we can be nothing yet feel complete after. It is in prayer where we pour our hearts out. Where we find our weaknesses, our joy, our peace.

Ma'am, you're more than a yellow figure to me. Im sure I'm just one of the many people whose lives you have touched and forever I will be grateful. Rest well.


Anonymous said...

great, poignant post, queen!

Anonymous said...

hi queen, your kwento made me cry! such a touching tribute :) thanks for sharing