Monday, June 22, 2009

Beyond the miles... Over the Years

The Wedding of Bojie Yamson and Leah Javalla
June 20, 2009

Preps : Astoria Plaza
Church :Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church
Reception : Oasis Manila

It was heartfelt, personalized and fun. To wait for almost 14 years and get something like this is definitely a dream come true for Bojie and Leah.

Several days before the event, everyone witnessed a stormy Metro Manila. Two trays of egg, an ardent prayer and a strong belief led them to Sta Clara a day before the actual wedding. Come June 20, they got something more than sunshine. :)

I will always remember the great love that made them survive several years of being away from each other. Both having a career in different countries, they only took hold of a certain commitment which started out during their teenage years. Then Leah took the leap to be with Bojie in Singapore and embraced her felicity. A big thanks to their very supportive parents, the puppy love ended at the altar.

Here are some photos taken by David on the actual event.

Some wedding items were prepared morning of the wedding while waiting for the main photographers.
The identical rings were a gift from their parents done by Goldenhills.

A personalized rosary cord made of crystals was done by Dugtong.
The bride wore a masterpiece by Jun Pimentel

Teddy Manuel created the bouquets. He usually gives the bouquet to the bride and all of a sudden,everything became more radiant.
Peonies, peonies, peonies. Just love them....

A golden pail of flowers with a little bear also served as a small gift to the very cute flowergirls
The team up of Angie Cruz and Ogie Rayel never fails to enhance the natural beauty of the wedding party
By 11 AM, everyone was busy with their own craft. Two great photographers, Choy Javelosa of Ariel Javelosa served as the events main photographer while the famous Atty Raymond Fortun served as back up for the event.
Leah had her hair down during the first few shots. Later on Ogie had it fixed in an updo for a classic look

Choy giving the bride some tips on how to go about with a great pose. :)
Beautiful bride....beautiful mom
Cool dad ( Apparently he said that during his daughter's walk, he can't help but cry a bucket of tears)

This shirt fits Bojie well :)
what does groom do while waiting for his turn to be photographed?
The groom had his own share of touch up as well
Bojie had the time to fix papayings suit.

A sweet Mamaying and son moment
Does he look nervous at all?

These very nice glass stained windows gives Mount Carmel a very pristine interior
These are Bojie's niece and nephew. That's how they look when they behave. :)
Now one starts to turn the active mode on. During the time of his walk, he walked slowly then threw the pillow and called for his mama. Then walked slowly again. ( after changing his mind). Kids will always be cute no matter what. ")
Jun giving instructions to Leah shortly before her bridal march.
The bridal ensemble was a combination of fuchsia and champagne done by Jun Pimentel
After the reception program, everyone still gets to party

And get drunk ( Including the groom !!!!!) :) That was after lots of laughter and a teary moment during the end of the reception program when the parents and the couple gave their messages for one another.
The photographers Choy and Raymond being photographed. :) Honestly, atty Fortun got tired of having his photo taken by the guests as well ( starstrucked I guess haha). But this man is focused on his work for the day and humble enough not to steal the limelight from the couple. Not to count the presence of Vice Mayor of Manila Isko Moreno who was one of the principal sponsors.

Tired, drunk, happy and overwhelmed. We all had our share of fun.
Check out other photos of this wedding from Atty Raymond Fortun's photography site.

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Bojie Leah said...

To JLO's Team,

We are so delighted reading your blog... every moment of the wedding was well documented...what can we say??? super thank you and we are so happy to have you as our coordinator turned to be our friends...keep up the good really made our wedding very memorable...we love you...God bless your team!!!

Bojie Leah