Sunday, December 07, 2008

Just Like the Old Times (W@W chat with the big sisters)

Chatting, that is.
Seattle's best Katipunan has never been warmer. :) The second floor was the venue for this year's W@W chat with the big sisters.

Bigger in size (ultimately heavier than our hourglass bodyforms during our weddings several years ago). Jody, Clarice and I were invited by the W@W parents John and Benz to share some intimate chat with our W@Wie sisters. The three of us were members of the Weddings at Work Community before we went full blast with wedding planning.
About 25 W@Wie brides and grooms gathered together to discover, share ,probe and simply have a great time with a wedding family. Free snacks ( two rounds :0) were given. A choice of cold or hot drink and pastry were included in the food stub distributed at the onset of the forum.
While waiting, the guests were given the usual free items and on the tables were some index cards where they could write their questions for the bigger sisters.

The three of us were also given some time to prepare and make fun of ourselves before the start of the forum.

At the onset of the q&a, things started to get more interesting.

At the start of the second round of the forum, W@Wies were given an additonal treat. Some items were raffled off for them to take home.

This is a very nostalgic moment. Intimate and warm, Informative and enlightening maybe some better words to describe it.

Who's who? Professionally, we differ from one another. Yet by heart, we belong. :)


Benz said...

We gotta do it again!!! both the chat and our chika session!

Super fun.

Thanks so much for doing this.

PS. Thanks David for the photos.

KC said...


W@W! im so excited upon reading your entry so post ko agad sa w@w yung link ;P

just wanna say Thank you for such a nice, fun-filled and informative moments with you guys....


can i have hi-res of all the pics taken from w@w chat? just wanna have some copy coz i dont have much pics nung chat eh....

Thanks & keep it up!


David (ni Queen) said...

Hi Benz,
Thanks for dropping by at our blogsite. I'm glad to be of assistance to W@W.

Email me your address at and I'll try to find time to send you a copy of the W@W chat pix via courier.

-david (ni queen)

kasalpinoy said...

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Joanne MV said...

Wow! Sayang I'm not a W@Wie anymore...Nasa N@Wie na ako :)