Friday, November 28, 2008

Having a W@Wie Xmas

Until this very day, I can't seem to find the perfect words to describe how special this event turned out. With so much to expect ( being ecstatic and all) and little to hold on to ( I have never been to any previous W@W party), the event turned out more than what I wished it would be.

The day started early for the team as we headed to Lancaster to oversee the set-up and prepare the lootbags and other items.

Even our little princess Kite (Benz and John's unica) was there to help us prepare some items for the game. Smart kid- you can converse with her like you could with any adult !

Fotoloco gave out calendar bag tags. No one ever got tired of having their own photo taken at the booth.Partypics was also there to accomodate more photo lovers.
The team of flaming olives ( a mobile bar) was also there. They have the best tasting mojitos I ever had in years!!!
All participants were given a name tag upon registration.
Alex Franco cakes made the dessert time of everyone more enjoyable! :)
Let's talk about the games. We had very simple games and a lot of prizes to give. When we asked all ladies to line up for the Solea shoes, some went luckier than the others

Buenas! Whoever said that kasabihans are not so true, think again :)
Cake eating contest without using your hands has never been more fun
After a series of partner and individual games, Jason " the man" Magbanua hosted the segment for the launch of the W@W desktop calendar
Don't be mistaken. Jason is not a part of threelogy. But Threelogy video prepared the AVP for the launch. :)
Happy tears.......
After the launch, Paul Ceron of Flaming Olives had a 10 minute exhibition of bartending.
Pag 4 bottles na mas gwapo na tingnan hahaha
But he looked his best while mixing a special drink for someone in the crowd using his own interesting techniques. Great people, great cocktails.
Now flaming as it is, we checked if we could combine alcohol and sweets.
It turned out that the flaming shooters will make you crave for more sweets.
Fast and sweet deserves a sweeter treat. :)
Now, let's move on to some of the group games. Scavenger hunt ala wedding.
W@Wies were grouped according to wedding quarters.....
Pag panalo ka masaya talaga......... Tententeten
Artistic and creative talaga ang pinoy.... Bridal bouquet in the eyes of a W@Wie groom. :P
Five mystries to bring you to a lifetime of bliss.... someone really carried a rosary and proud to have one.
Then we had a dress me up a Santa Claus. Where each quarter must get a W@Wie supplier to dress up.
Bong of Threelogy.....
Jon of Threelogy.......
Oly of Metrophoto.......
Carlo of Imagenation......
Finishing touch....
Cheering up for their own Santas
Now let's head on to some bring me games.....
A photo of you and your partner together that was not taken during prenup! Meron madami talaga!!!!
Longest standing wedding preps..... They are also the ones behind the gathering of attendees D'Ar and Jhajha( who is still eating when this photo was taken...) Thanks to them super.
Sweetest Kiss- Pampagulo lang ako sa background.....
Even suppliers enjoyed the photobooths.
Jenn and Mae goofing around....
After the games, a short comprehensive forum followed where the W@wies got to ask questions wedding related.
It was a night for the W@Wies... a night to realize that more than any wedding preps, love would still matter... A lot.
Left and right exchange gift..... Everytime left or right was mentioned, they shout the same!
Then, what a better way to end the night but through a prayer for every couple in the house
After the party, the macho men of Josiahs started to hit it right! They were so stressed during the set up as the guestlist doubled but without hesitation, they managed to extend the set up with a smile. Kudos to you guys!
Some group photos after the event....
All girl group... Solo flight? :)
Love is really in the air....
To Benz, thank you for considering us to spearhead the event.
To the suppliers who helped us, our overwhelming gratitude for the support
To my team, thank you for always making me so proud of you and for always realizing what Just Like Ours stand for.
To my fellow W@Wies, you have a family in this group. You make this family work out or fail. We have a lot more years to work out on. Thank you for making this party feel like everyone is home for Christmas.
Have a W@Wie Christmas and a Blessed fruitful marriage!


Jenn said...

waw mother queen.. naextra pa kame ni mae dito nyahahahar!!! happy holidays to you and the rest of your team. paki remind si "auntie" babes sa gip ko hahahah!!! you guys rockkk!!!

Ann Cruz (darwin and ann) said...

Queen sweetie! Im missing you! You know what when I heard that you'll be hosting the w@w xcmas party, gusto ko bigla umuwi to attend! The event sure look so much fun. Parang mas masaya compared last year, heheheh... Oh i wish i was there to gatecrash! hahahhah!!! Regards to David and everyone! =)