Sunday, July 13, 2008

How Low Can You Go? " A Wedding Planners' Challenge"

The second part of an article entitled " How Low Can You Go? A Wedding Planners' Challenge" was published at the Manila Bulletin today. We are very much honored to be invited to this particular challenge. Originally, Benz ( of W@W) challenged us to prepare a 200k budget for 200 guests way back 2006. Now, she gave us a freehand on choosing an initimate wedding of 100 guests, budgeted yet decent for our taste. I have been an ultimate believer of church weddings. Aside from moral responsibility, I have always thought that any couple can still have a nice, intimate wedding that is low cost yet memorable.

Closer look at the budget challenge

Aside from the option published at the local newspaper, couples on limited budget may also do the following:

1. Choose a nice intimate small church. Choose a nice time ( late afternoon or early evening)

2. Invite a small number of guest - people really close to you, those whom you want to spend the most memorable day of your life with. Those who will really care.

3. Limit your entourage. Why not have the maid of honor and bestman act as the principal witnesses as well? In that way, you may limit the number of attire to be done as well.

4. At the reception have a dinner dance party instead of the traditional wedding reception. Invest on good entertainment. When guests arrive, let a band entertain them. Roam around and talk to your guests during dinner.

5. Dance all night long. Maybe some of your friends or family members can say their messages of love at any given time in the reception.

It is a little laid back, casual affair but a moment with dear people can make any simple event extravangantly vivid in your memory.

As the old saying goes " There is no such a thing as great things, only small things with great Love"

At the end of the day you'll realize you already knew what love is. :)

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