Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Magic Stays With You (by David)

It's been more than a month since we had our last post...but it's intentional. Queen and I really took time to take a break from work during the lenten season - not just to rest but to rekindle our faith and thank the Lord.

One of the things I avoided doing during the said season is using my camera. And so, at the end of the season I can't think of things to do w/o leaving my camera. Fortunately, Queen and some of her college friends planned to go to Enchanted Kingdom to celebrate Easter with their kids. Perfect timing.

The meeting place was at Mc Do - Greenbelt. I took this shot right before we left the place.

After Mc Do, we went to RSM, Tagaytay for lunch. Everyone enjoyed the food especially Adrian (Bong and Rhea’s second child).

Here are the family pix I took before we left RSM.

Bong and Rhea's Family...

Miguel and Libby's Family...

On our way to EK, we passed by a store selling corn – a food that I can’t live without. I didn’t know that this is also one of Libby’s fave food.

During the travel, Miguel (Libby’s husband) mentioned how fast Libby can finish a corn. Her latest record – 23 sec. Being corn lovers, a game was setup between Libby and me. The goal - to finish a corn as fast as we can.

Honestly, I got nervous before we start the game thinking how fast she is to complete one in 23 sec. Pressured not to put Queen down, I finished it several seconds before Libby.

Our first stop was Riogrande Rapids. Half of the group came out of the ride smiling as the other half ended the ride with wet clothes.

Other shots after Riogrande.

Extra shots that Queen and I had:

Queen and her friends - Vanna Vanna, the new group.

What's EK trip without the fireworks's a shot of Miguel with his son, Luis.

Group picture before we left EK.

I can't remember the last time I visited EK...but this visit has proven me that EK's magic will really stay with you. My photo of the day...

More pix at my flickr site -

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