Thursday, January 17, 2008

BACKbLOG [ by David again :-) ]'s my second post and it looks like my statement in my first blog is becoming true - that I'll take charge of our blogsite.

First of all, I'm happy that I had finally updated our template. The previous template looks quite an old format to me. I have simpler form now. And I like it.

Why BACKbLOG for a title? Because I felt like I should have posted lots of write-ups by now based on my original plan but I haven't.

To catch up, I decided to post weddings where I have available pictures to show you. Here are they.

Val & Happie. Such a lucky couple. They had their reception at the coconut palace. They had very nice weather even if it rained a day (or two) before their wedding. They also got a free upgrade of their bridal car.

A shot of San Agustin.

And a free hair (& make-up) from Ogie (& Angie) - one of our favorite hair & make-up artists. This picture was taken in the hotel room while the bride is having family pictorial. Just a note though that we don't do this (doing hair fix) on events - except when we're with Ogie who always love to fix my wife's hair - Ogie & Angie, thanks for making my wife even more beautiful!

Basil & Let.

A shot of Jackie (JLO staff) and Let's mom while having the bridal pictorial

Sam & Grace - both are doctors. Please visit Threelogy's site to watch their onsite video - great great onsite made by Bong.

Grace and her sister - you can never see them not smiling at you.

Mark & Nette. Couple who loves dessert. For more pictures, you can visit dinolara's blog site. Another great coverage of Dino and his team.

A break for the team after Mark & Nette's wedding - taken at Bonifacio High Street.

That's it for now. Good night.

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