Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My Dad, His Camera and Me

3 years in the making, David has gotten a new baby. Gone are my selos days. I got used to him being so passionate about this. As a sign of my undying love - I finally got him a new camera. I'm pretty sure he is still inlove with his Yashica FX3-2000, but for now, the "old baby" has to take a back seat. Buti na lang I am the forever baby otherwise, I would be kept in the closet too. ;)

Honestly, I am so glad with his new toy too ( teka lang, parang expensive yata for a new toy ). In fact, this baby has documented some precious moments during our events these past weeks. I'll be posting them soon.

" Be married to a passionate man and discover endless possibilities life can offer ".....

" Be married to a passionate woman and hear the untold stories of tomorrow's promise "...

" Buy a new camera and record your journey, let the pictures speak of your conquest ".

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JanOog said...

naks naman david, u got what u wanted!!! congrats!