Sunday, January 27, 2008

Just cliqued! ( Vice and Shine 1.26.08)

Let me start by saying that this booth really rocks !!!! I have appreciated it so much, I decided to use it as part of Sunshine and Vice's story title.
It was one of the unusual mornings that I had to go to the hotel an hour and half before the actual call time. Sunshine and I was supposed to have our final turnover several days before the wedding but last minute preparations and finalizations hindered us from doing so.

Shine is a very bubbly girl ( Oh she still looks like daddy's little girl for me). Being the only child might somehow explain why she still looks very much like a baby.

I remembered her mom on or first meeting, she was very moved with the conversation, she got so teary eyed. But today, I'll remember her dad more. How does it really feel that in a few hours, you'll give away your most precious daughter even to the most deserving man? He even noticed that the hair spray is named Citre SHINE.... even mentioned that it's really meant for his daughter . :)

The bride was made beautiful by Jesy and Steve.

Vice, as the parents mentioned is very protective of Sunshine. They feel assured that he will take care of their daughter. Maybe because he also came from generations of very loving and composed people. Here, Vice is receiving some buff buff :)

While his Grandpa receives a buff buff from Grandma. :)

Sunshine's bouquet was beautifully executed by Sunday.

They chose the Makati Parks and Gardens floating gazebo for their ceremonies and the artist pavillon for their reception.

Our first time to be in the area, we thought it was an ordinary park, with ordinary people around. It is afterall, a park :)

Sunshine preparing for the bridal walk.

Assisted by her dad when she reached the gazebo.

Celebrities at their own rights. The team John Ong took really great shots.

And the park was made even more special with the presence of very imprortant people.

Here are the reception highlights:

Both parents prepared a special Audio Visual presentation for the newlyweds during their welcoming remarks. They compiled kiddie photos of Vice and Shine. Sunshine even giggled when she heard her parents singing you are my sunshine on the background.

The parents, in return, received special gifts from the couple. The bride gave her parents a stuffed toy. Having slept with them for more than 20 years, she does not want her parents to miss her much. To signify her presence, she gave them this doll to embrace as they sleep.

The groom gave his parents a candle to symbolize his gratitude for guiding him all throughout the years. Aside from the fact, of course that his mom really collects candles.

The first dance eventually led to the couple's prosperity dance. Many guests showed their affection by pinning money to the couple.

The singles games were all fun as well.

Dad of the bride led the crowd in singing her a happy birthday song. January 27 is sunshine's birthday. First birthday as a married woman to be exact.

The onsite presentation done by MG didital was awesome. Everyone was caught awed with this presentation.

Its not surprising to see them recording every minute detail of the wedding.

Chocolate fountain is still a hit for all ages. :)

And of course, everyone was cliqueing. :) Inside and outside the photobooth.

We're not sure but it seems like it was an auspicious day for a wedding. David even caught another friend photographer, Anthony of East Digital taking a lobby shot for their bride.

This day is really intended for happiness......

Speaking of happiness, here's my uploaded photo of the day/ week. David here is with our nephew Emperor. Our happiness comes from a simple smile from this kid. ( Sana amin na lang hahaha )

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

In Black and White ( Mark and Kaye 1.19.08)

Mark and Kaye wanted to celebrate their union in a very unique way. First, they opted for a color/ shade that most would not even think of for a wedding. Elders would utmostly have apprehensions especially when you're living in a country where pamahiins are part of a culture you have grown up with.

But nothing can stop them. They had something on mind and they made it happen. :)

They had everything planned for. Formal invite even stated the guests to be in a black and white formal attire.

The bouquets done by April and Karen Yu spell out elegance and splendid taste. They also happened to style the reception venue making the white flowers stand out against the black linens for the chairs and tables. The backdrop has clean lines and a printed black and white seat cover for the sofa added a little twist to the usual wedding decorations.

Even the groom's items were meticulously chosen and prepared for.

The bride looked stunning. Mickey See and Felicity Son created a fresh look for her. These two artists are so cool as well. They also made the bride feel so relaxed.

The groom's preparation has been relaxed.
Here, Rommel ( our groom expert hehehe) places the buttoinaire just in time for the pictorial.
He also helped durig the groom's dressing up ( in the event that the bestman or siblings are not around).

Bridal preparation has been busy as ever. All details must be covered. :)

While photographers change lenses or check their shots, Kaye remains composed and relaxed.

Of course, all suppliers and relatives present in the hotel deserves a lunch break. This time, the couple chose to have Thai in Box. Lunchbreaks also give time to bond a little. Buti nalang di Dinuguan and puto, Otherwise, it would have also been thematic. :)

Their chosen church, National Shrine of the Sacred heart in Makati is one of David's well liked church.. Parish usherettes are very accommodating and the church altar is very very beautiful in pictures.

Guests even had the opportunity to goof with the couple after the shower of petals.

It pays to have a great photographer. On this event, Anthony ( owner of East Digital) personally handled the post ceremony pictorials
Thr couple used black and white nissan patrol as wedding cars. ASTIG!

Highlights of the reception:
The black and white cake made an ultimate difference. It tasted well anyway. :)

Nothing beats a serenade prepared by the groom for his bride

Marriage gets better as it gets longer. Here, the newlywed was given a crash course on kissing 101.

While singles would prefer not to win on this game :)

Guests were also entertained by the new generation of The Sentimental Groove.

Our group shot hours after the reception is over. ( while waiting for the couple's ride, after the turnover

And here's my favorite photo of the day taken by David.

Naughty and Nice is an understatement :)