Sunday, July 09, 2006

Baby Ice

Our family got bigger yesterday. :)

Justin Ice, 1st born child of Jackie and Jhoelle was born yesterday at 5:44 AM. Anlaking bata. Imagine 8.1 lbs, 48 cms. And take note ha. Normal delivery - Ang lupet mo Jacke!!! So proud of you.

Pero ang cute cute. Look-alike ng daddy nya.
Ampula pula pa. Maputi sigurado yan. :0

He got Jhoelle's nose ( at talagang nose ang nauna ), lips - that's how Jhoelle's lips look like when he's sleeping. Hmm, mukhang nakuha yata kay Jacke yung eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes ( meron ka ba nun Jacke?)

We are really waiting for him to grow a lot bigger and a little older so that we can have our group pictorial when his dad arrives.
I used to remember another staff saying " Ah kaya Justin ang ipapangalan dyan kasi " Justin Like Ours " . :)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Fab, Fun, Feverish (Fed and Ria's Wedding)

Fed and Ria
They are lucky to have found each other, we are luckier to have found them. One of the coolest couples I have met, Fed and Ria made their event a spectacular celebration of love and a lot more.

Fed, seemed to be relaxed the whole morning of the preparation. His whole family was there to crack jokes, watch television and even take a nap with him. Come ceremony time, I was stunned with his overflowing emotion. (I happen to have the chance to attend the start of the ceremonies since the reception is just beside the church)

While Ria, on the other hand looked as relaxed as Fed, her suite was much busier having been filled with some guests and suppliers. After the make up( by Ara F.) and wearing of her gown( by the ever reliable Veluz). She looked fabulous!

Looked like everyone would like to make sure that the entourage flowers were fresh and complete ( Nice flowers, by the way from Mang Boy Mahusay-Mahusay talaga). The staff who is counting the flowers is Jackie - 9 months pregnant! We are actually waiting for the newest Just Like Ours Baby to come anytime within the week .

Let me tell you how they pulled off a stylish wedding....

They chose a church that's special and near to their community. Bamboo organ is a small historic church which is fit for an intimate wedding. It is quite warm in the afternoon. The couple however, prepared fans for the guests. The coordinating staff gave these upon entrance. The church picture shown here was for another wedding. The floral arrangement during Fed and Ria's was a lot better!!!! Ria's dad made some bamboo tall flower pillars and these were filled with white flowers and dragon snaps. We don't have the actual pics though since David was busy with the ceremonies.

The reception venue is at St. Joseph's gym ( gym inside the school beside the bamboo organ ). It looked very plain but with the aid of an event stylist ( Lala of Interplay ), a great transformation was made for the venue.

This is how it looked like during the actual event!!!! The mood lights really made the difference. The drop down swags of white cloth covered the stage ( because we never wanted their reception to look like a graduation ceremony. :)

The car was decorated with some ornaments and a pair of teddy bears dressed as bride and groom.

This decoration actually helped us pass through a slight traffic near the church. The traffic officer were even amazed, my staff heard him say to other drivers " O, padaanin muna natin ang ikakasal at baka mainitan ang mga teddy bear!"

The reception was made more special with a beer keg! Parang October fest. :)

Fed and Ria's best buds had the time of their lives as well, the bride singing Can't take my Eyes off You for the groom, opened the floor for dancing and a night of fun. A professional dance instructress helped their buddies unleash their dancing prowess.

The event made us meet some familiar faces as well. Tim, Ria's Matron of Honor was also a Just Like Ours bride. We actually met Ria through her wedding.
The night ended with lots of laughter, tired legs wanting to dance more and 30 liters of beer finished off - we actually had to order some more!!!!...
And did I ever mention I was very sick that time? Oh I did not even mind it. Fun and fever went along quite well. :)

My Dad, His Camera and Me

3 years in the making, David has gotten a new baby. Gone are my selos days. I got used to him being so passionate about this. As a sign of my undying love - I finally got him a new camera. I'm pretty sure he is still inlove with his Yashica FX3-2000, but for now, the "old baby" has to take a back seat. Buti na lang I am the forever baby otherwise, I would be kept in the closet too. ;)

Honestly, I am so glad with his new toy too ( teka lang, parang expensive yata for a new toy ). In fact, this baby has documented some precious moments during our events these past weeks. I'll be posting them soon.

" Be married to a passionate man and discover endless possibilities life can offer ".....

" Be married to a passionate woman and hear the untold stories of tomorrow's promise "...

" Buy a new camera and record your journey, let the pictures speak of your conquest ".